Saturday, September 21, 2019

4 things to check before buying new Android phone to identify copy phone 2020

4 things to check before buying new Android phone to identify copy phone

There are 4 things to check before buying new Android phone. am going to list them and why  you should check them before you boy the phone.

Today's tutorial will based on GSM (Global System Mobile), I labeled this tutorial as "Tech" which illustrate Phone tech (GSM). in this tutoring, am going to highlight four things for you on android device. which is very important to check before. buy it. to avoid buying clone phone(Copy phone). 

Firstly, my name is ENG Ibraheem Maya damilare from Ilorin kwara state Nigeria. I notice that mist people buy clone phone. because they don't really know the different between original phone and clone phone. then when it cone to the time to repair the phone, they will now tell them that there phone is clone not original.

Am going to teach you how you can identify android device clone in this tutorial. so that you can fall in the trap again. now take a sit and set for the tutorial.

First thing yo do before go and buy android phones. search for the phone online and check all the phone features. so that when you go to the the shop you wanted to buy the phone, you will check the the phone feature if it the same.

1. Check the phone internal storage. if you see like 34 or 26Gb, quickly run away. because there is no android device that will have less than 32 GB storage. most of android device have 4,8,16Gb internal storage. the highest Android phone internal storage is 32Gb.

2. Check the phone Version. If the phone is 4.4.1, 4.0 to 8.0 there are original android phones. if the phone versios is more than that is clone phone. try to avoid them.

3.Check the phone RAM. this one is very important. check the phone RAM if the phone is less than 1GB RAM. the phone us clone. not original. if you buy the kind of can't install some android app there. because most of android phones app runs on 1GB RAM device.

4.Check the phone name. some phone seller. usually you another phone's name for clone phone. the phone may be lenovo and they will put tecno name on it. what you have to do is to remove the phone battery. you are going to see the original name of the phone. if you don't see it dial *#06# on the phone and search for the digits you see on Google.

Hope this tutorial helpful? we really want to hear from you. if you have any questions related to this article kindly drop your comment. we are going to get back to you shortly.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


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