Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How to move phonebook contact from Nokia phone to Android phone. 2020

How to move phonebook contact from Nokia phone to Android phone. 


God day dear Nokia users. Have you got an Android phone and you find it hard to move all your phonebook numbers to your new smart phone. Am going to teach you how you can do it easilly. 

Making a move from Nokia phone to Android phone, Is a great opportunity. You can do so many things with an Android phones than Nokia. Am making moves of your contacts and other information is very important. Fortunately, you can move all of your information stored on your Nokia phone to your new android phone. My follow these steps below.

1. By using Rainbow Contacts Apk on your Android phone. Download this app and install it on your Android phone. You can get the Apk on Google play store or search on google search engine. 

2. Now turn on your Nokia phone Bluetooth. Also turn android phone Bluetooth too. 

3. Open the App you just installed ( Rainbow Contacts Apk ), and select "Easy Fetch Contact" instantly the App will search for nearly Bluetooth and list all found devices. Just select your Nokia device name to start the transferring.

* You can also use Nokia PC Suite*

Follow this step if you found the first method hardly. To move all your contacts using this Nokia PC Suite, is very simple you will just copy them on your computer or laptop.  This Nokia PC suite is a free software that you can download it from Nokia site. 

1. Download Nokia PC suite by visiting www.nokia.com/global/support/nokia-PC-suite/

2. After download the software, Install the file by clicking on it. 

3. Start the back up of your Nokia phonebook contacts on computer through the Nokia PC suite software you just installed. 

4. Connet your Nokia phone with your computer through Bluetooth or USB cable. But I will recommend you to use USB cable, USB cable connect your phone with computer by using just cable wire. Then launch the Nokia PC suite application on your computer or laptop. 

5. Now click on the NEXT button, that locate at the right corner of the application. 

6. Select a path on your computer to save the contact there. Note: you are going to go back to the path you select to transfer back to your Android phone. 

7. Now close the Nokia PC suite application and disconnect your Nokia phone with the computer. 

8. Now go to the saved directly. I mean the folder you saved the phonebook contacts in. You are going to see the folder as zip, then unzip it. 

9. Now connect your Android phone with the computer to move the contacts there. 

10. Copy all the contacts and paste it on your Android phone external memory card or internal storage of your Android phone. 

That's all, Now go to your Android phone "Contact" and select "Menu" >> Then import/export now select the phone storage and locate the folder and select it to copy it to your phone contact. 

Hope both methods are understandable??  We really want to hear from you. Please drop your comment and we are going to explain to you better. Thanks. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


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