Friday, September 20, 2019

Important tips: Why you should move from wapsite to blogspot or WordPress

Important tips:  There are somethings i see you have to  move from wapsite to blogspot or WordPress. there are a lot of reason. but am going to drop 5 reasons Why you should move from wapsite to blogspot or WordPress.

Wapsite is an online platform. that mostly runs on mobile device. and co. Wapsite builders is and easier way of creating a web page with free host and subdomin. on Wapsite builder you can practice your programming skills. But the five reasons you should know about Wapsite builder are;

1. All Wapsite builder are own by one to two person, which me mean that they can shutdown there system at anytime. take for instance. we all know wapka Wapsite builider. which is an popular Wapsite builder on the net. some have lost so many script that Is useful for them. like me now. when am using wapka.I have invest money on it. a week after then. I got email that ,they are shutting down. you see.

2. Wapsite builder is an shortly limited host. as in.they host there building site. for some year. then if it finished. after upgrading there system. you are going to see that some of these features will stop working. just notice that.

3. By moving to host website building. you are going to be your own boss you can control the full the site. because you host it by yourself. and you are going to add any feature you liked there.

4. Try to create your own website or Wapsite from scratch. and practice your work. most of programmer that running Forum, Social media and Downloading site on Wapsite builder. may think they are pro webmaster. guys you are not. expect you create your own site from scratch. and leave already made features. there many platform online that offer free hosting and free domain. leave your comment. if you want me to drop there links.

5. the last reason is that. we all know that if we don't install Google analytics on our Wapsite the site will nor do well on search engins. but blogspot. your site will index on all search engines immediately you create the site. which made it easy for people to get all our tutorial on search engines.

I don't say you should leave Wapsite. but what am trying to say is that we should create an host website. like WordPress, you can install all your Wapsite script there and work perfectly. likewise blogspot. you can do as well. You can run the two site at once. both Wapsite and host that it can pain you you much. when you hear that they have shutdown.

Hope my advice is meaningful?? And my reasons is genew? I really want to hear from you guys. thanks for reading.

Friday, September 20, 2019


  1. Am happy to hear from u.
    Indeed this are real facts.
    But if I may ask can that same css script work perfectly on blogspot or its just wordpress

  2. Yes bro you can use your own CSS on blogspot and work perfectly. With the the help of theme customizer. Am going to write a tutorial about that soon


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