Saturday, September 7, 2019

How to share Android App on Whatsapp easily

How to share Android App on Whatsapp easily.

Are you find it difficult to Send android app to your friends on Whatsapp App??  No more stress, am going to write a full tutorial on how you can share android app on whatsapp today.

Whatsapp developers did not but Apk files sharing feature. So we used to use this tricks.

1. First Go to your Android phone files manager.

2. Locate and open the folder that the Apk locate.
3. Select the Apk, and long press it to pop up.

4. Click share or other options.
5. You are going to see whatsapp listed.

6. Tap on it and select contact you want to send it to.

Note: The file must be on your phone files manager. If not you will find it difficult to use this tricks.

We are going to do some research on how to share installed Apk on whatsapp and how to install apk on whatsapp and post it soon. Just be patronize us.

Thanks for reading our posts. We really care about you. Hope you really understand this article??  If no kindly drop your comment. We want to hear from you guys.

Saturday, September 7, 2019


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