Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes For Wapkiz Forum Site

Good day guys. How are you doing today? Great! Are you one of Wapkiz Users that running Forum site on Wapkiz.com platform??

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Good here is Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes. The Wapkiz Shoutbox codes That am going to Shere with you, Is the same with Kizhelp and WapKings Forum. And it worked well.

So follow all the steps and going to write down to make the codes work well.

1. Login to your Wapkiz Account and Select the site you wanted to use the Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes.

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2. Select "Page" at the drop down menu at top of your Wapkiz site. And type "Shout"

3. Now look the page you just created on pagelist, And open it. Now click "Html/tag code" and paste this code.

[blog_form]bid=shout,ud=site-0.html||%notify% Title:<br/>%title%<br/>Text:<br/>%text%<br/>%submit%[/blog_form]  Hope it done?? Good!

4. Now leave the page and go back to home page or header page -1 and open "Html/tag code" Now paste these codes.

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<div class="head"><b>Shout Box</b></div><form action="/site-shout.html" method="post"><textarea name="text" id="blogtext" class="menu" align="left" valign="top"/></textarea><input type="hidden" name="blog_title" size="10%" maxlength="110" value="%text-5%...."/><input type="hidden" name="blog_cat" size="10%" maxlength="110" value="Shout Box"/><br/><input class="head" type="submit" name="blog_submit" value="Shout" style="background:#00aef3"></div></div></form>
[blog]bid=shout,o=u,l=5,s=:to-page:,no=Admin Welcome To Wapkings|| • <a href="/site-profile.html?to-user=%by%"><font color="blue">[replace=(%by%)]Admin||Ibraheem[/replace] </font></a> Shout: <font color="green">%text%</font><br/><font color="red">[%date=--% ago]</font><br/>[/blog]<center><hr/><a href="http://fb.com/ibraheemmusadamilare">Chat With Admin Ibraheem Musa Damilare On FB</a><hr/><div class="tags"><a href="#refresh"><b>Refresh</b></a> • <a href="/site-bbcode.html"><b>Bbcode</b></a> • <a href="/site-shout.html"><b>ShoutBox</b></a> </div></center>

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That's all, hope it works for you too?? We want to hear from you please drop your comment. If you need any Wapkiz codes kindly drop your comment and we are going to get back to you shortly. Thanks

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