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How To Block Your ATM Card In Case of stole or lost 2020

Block Your ATM Card In Case Of Emergency For UBA dial *919*10# from the mobile line linked to your UBA account For Fidelity Bank dial *770*911# from the mobile line linked to your Fidelity account For IBTC Bank dial *909# from the mobile line linked to your IBTC account For Zenith Bank dial *966*911# For First Bank send Block to 30012 via text message For Union Bank send BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 20123 For Key stone Bank call 23470020003000 For Sterling Bank call 070078378464 For GT Bank *737*51*10# For Stanbic IBTC Bank *909# select my bank and select service request then select block card For Eco Bank text STOP ATM your account Number to 0806326226 For FCMB Bank call + 2342798800 For Access call +23412802500 For Polaris call +2341270850 For Wema Bank call 08039003700 Note! Knowing how to Block your account is very important because in times of emergency running to the bank might be too late more especially during weekend. So share as it might help some one. If you have any q

Wapkiz Direct Download File Code 2020

How to use direct download link on Wapkiz . This is direct download link tag %*link% remove star. Make sure you use [fm] tag. Or use this Wapkiz download page we provide. Wapkiz Direct Download File Code [fm]to=:to-file:,no=No file to download. . . || Name: %name% File ID: %id% File Size: %size% Description: %description% Upload Time: %time_upl% Upload By: Proceed To Download %name% File Here... [/fm] [fm]to=:to-file:,no=No File Here To Download . . . || <#div class="wapkiz"> Name: %*name% <#div class="downloader"> File ID: %id*% <#div class="wapkiz-download-page-codes"> File Size: %size*% <#div class="wapkiz"> Description: %description*% <#div class="wapkiz"> Upload Time: %time_upl*% Upload By: %by*% <#div class="wapkiz"> Proceed To Download %name*% File Here... [/fm] COPY CODE [fm]to=:to-file:,no=No file to download . . . || <script type="text/jav

Best alternative to fiverr in nigeria 2020 reviews

Best alternative to fiverr in nigeria 2020 reviews METOWORK PLATFORM is an freelance Fiverr alternative site where you can buy and sell your services like Graphics Designs, Web Design, SEO Plugin and many mor metowork scam or legit? Metowork is 100% legit , just like Fiverr platform. If you want to learn more about Metowork kindly click here How To Make Up To 2,000 Naira From Metowork Per day Metowork  is a new Freelance site, as we all knew that any new sites that want to popular usually introduce a referral programs, Metowork has introduce referral program 2020 update. Which means you will get paid ₦200 for any member you refer to Join Metowork . The minimum of withdrawal is just ₦2000, the only thing you need right now is to visit Metowork registration Page. so you just need to refer 10 people to Metowork platform and get ₦2000 instantly. Sign up using my referral link so that you can get free ₦200 for join with ref link.

How to activate Airtel 20X Data Bundle For one Month 2020

Great news for all Airtel users, Airtel have introduce new Data bundle that gives you 20X of your recharge.v the more you recharge is the More bonus you get instantly. this special offer are: • 2GB for N100 only • 4GB for N200 only • 6GB for N300 only • 10GB for N500 only • 20GB for N1000 only How to Subscribe to 20X Data Bundle Today You don't need much codes to dial, Simply dial *241# and then select the bundle you want to activate. Or dial *241*amount# of data you want to activate. Example: *241*1000# which will give you 2GB NOTE: If you are successful activate yours, they might tell you that you don’t have sufficient balance to activate this plan, and then you can recharge and try it again and again. Once again you should also note that this Airtel 2X Data bundle offer is SIM selective, which means that not every airtel SIM is eligible to enjoy the offer. Thanks for Visiting Please Share our post to your friends on social media for them to benefit from This

How To Install Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogger 2020 Research

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogger. We all know that Yoast SEO Plugin is not for Blogspot, is for WordPress Platform Users , And other platform like WordPress. Good news for you, with all my research and review of How  to Use Yoast SEO Plugin For Blogger . you can also use Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogspot . You think how?? 100% sure. Am going to write the full tutorial on How To Install Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogger . What you need right now is to just sit well and follow the Steps am going to write Below to Optimize Blogger blog Yoast SEO Plugin For Blogger Step 1: Login to Blogger Dashboard , Then Go to “Template” and Tap on “Edit HTML” Step 2: In the text field, type “Ctrl+F” with the keyboard, Search box will appear now. But if you are using Android phone to edit the code, click the menu in right corner. And search box will top up Step 3: Then search for “ ” tag with the search box. Step 4: Now Paste the below code In front of   Tag and Save the Template. COPY CODE YOAST S

Well Designed Wapkiz Footer Code 2020

Hey guys this is another one for all wapkiz user . today am going to give you guys Footer code . we all know that Ultimatefun is no number one site in Nigeria that has Well Designed Wapkiz Footer Code . I know you have stress your self finding this Wapkiz Footer code , no more stress again am going to drop the codes for you. just move down to copy and paste the code. is an online platform that offers daily and up todate coverage of happenings in our immediate environmentand beyond, ranging from celebrity gossips, entertainment news, jokes, music updates, comedy skits and everyday tit-bits. © 2018 - 2019 About Us Advertise dmca Contact Us Back To Top Wapkiz Theme by Funbook TM COPY CODE <div style="background-color: black; padding: 10px; text-align: center; color: #ababab"><a href="site-0.html" rel="nofollow"><img src="

Working Wapkiz Upload code 2020 for you

Hey guys are you looking for best and working Wapkiz Upload code . this is 2020, what will code on Wapkiz platform most be useful. today am going to drop this Wapkiz upload code Hey members, This is Wapkiz Photo Uploader Code Page Same to Wapkings Forum. First go File Uploader in your wapkiz panel, then copy and paste this code there Upload Your Photo %notify% Upload Here: %file% %submit% Note: If You Upload Your Photo, And The Photo Not Appear In Photo List Please Refresh In 10min! Thanks Photo Uploaded List then paste this in html/tag <*title>Uploaded Photo [*fm]d=1,l=15,o=id ||   Copy This Code To Text Box <*textarea>[img*]%link*%[/img*][br] COPY CODE Hey members, This is <b>Wapkiz Photo Uploader Code</b> Page Same to Wapkings Forum.<br/><br/>First go File Uploader in your wapkiz panel, then copy and paste this code there<br/><br/><div class="head">Upload Your Photo</div>%notify% Upload Here:<br/>%f

Wapkiz related file Codes

If you are running Wapkiz Download site , this Wapkiz Related Files Code is very useful for you. here is the code just copy and paste this wapkiz code to your Wapkiz site download page COPY CODE [*fm]d=:v1:fid:,o=r,l=5,no=no file||<div class="A2"><a href="site-4.html?to-fid=%id%&to-name=%*name %"><b>%*name%</b></a><br/>[%*size%]<br/></div>[/<br /> fm*] kindly share this post?

Wapkiz Site Statistics Codes

Do you want to know how many Visitors visit your site per day?? Do you want to know where your site Visitors come from?? Do you want know total user is register on your Wapkiz site and Many more here is the code you will use Statistics •Total Forum ( 21 ) •Total Post ( [blog]l=0,n=0||[/blog] ) •Total File ( [fm]d=1,l=0,n=0||[/fm] / +1 ) •Total User ( 127 / +1 ) •Last Registered ( no user ) •Total Online User COPY CODE <div class="head">Statistics</div><a href="/site-cat.html"><b>•Total Forum</b> </a> ( 21 )<br/><a href="#"><b>•Total Post</b> </a> ( [blog]l=0,n=0||[/blog] )<br/> <a href="/site-photo.html"><b>•Total File</b> </a> ( [fm]d=1,l=0,n=0||[/fm] /<font color="red">+1</font>)<br/><a href="/site-user-list.html"><b>•Total User</b></a> ( 127 </a> / <font co

Wapkiz Footer Codes Same To Facebook 2020

Are you looking for well Designed Wapkiz Footer Codes Same To Facebook 98% ?? don't stress your self any more just copy and paste this Wapkiz Codes to your Wapkiz site Footer English (US) हिन्दी Español বাংলা অসমীয়া + Forum Zone Help Settings & Privacy Report a Problem Terms & Policies Logout (:my_name:) Back To Top Demo: http://firstbook. That's all, hope this article useful for you?? drop your comment. your comment is valuable

How to view website HTML Codes

Good day guys, Today am going to teach you How To View Any Wap site Source Codes After login. this trick is 100% Working. I have received messages in my inbox on Facebook about How To View Any Wap site Source Codes after login which will work 100%. So I decided to drop an article about it today. if you are using android device, congrats. if not, but you have Mobile Java phone. you can also View Any Wap site Source Codes both login site and non login on your mobile java phone. also 100% sure if work. How to view website source code on chrome browser To view the source code of a web page in Google Chrome, you need to follow this below:. 1. Press Ctrl+U on your computer keyboard. Or 1. Right-click on a blank part of the web page and select View page source from the pop-up menu that appears. Or 1. Open Chrome and navigate the web page of your choice. 2. Click on Customize and control Google Chrome icon in the upper-right side of the browser window. 3. From the drop-down menu that appears

The Secret to Succeed with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator Platform.

There is A The Secret to Succeed with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator Platform.  Guys don't relax hustle must pay one day, hope you have started working on Opera New Hub as a publisher?? Good! Today's article not much, just wanted to inform you the secret to succeed on Opera News hub creator. To earn more with Opera News Hub , you must post at least six articles monthly, this will enable you to earn a fixed recurring amount of revenue Monthly. You can also make money with Opera News 2020  when your post reach a larger audience/users of Opera News and Post perform very well on Opera Newsfeed. So, write intriguing contents. But avoid copy and paste post. You know I won on the first article you read.  1. Write Quality Content for audience.  2. Write impresse quality Content. 3. Write a post that is clickable. 4. Write most interested contents.  5.write useful contents. With this your post will reach a lot of Opera New users. And they will click it no matter how. If you have any que

How To Make Up to $50 Monthly At Home 2020

Hey guys here is a new platform that realy pay for there users.The more you click there ads, the more you earn.  Note: this is not a scam. It approved by UK Trust. So keep calm. You can transfer your money From this be platform to your Nigeria bank, without stresa. They jus want you to click their advertisers Link and get paid. The purpose of this platform is that, they want more visitors to there advertisers site. Also Read : How To Make Legit Money On Opera News Hub Creator Then when you click the link you will redirect to advertisers site, and you will get paid for visiting the site. You too think of it.  How many site have you visit today and get paid?? On this platform you will visit a site and get paid the more you click on the link. If you are interested kindly drop your Gmail Address Or WhatsApp number to Join this platform today.

How To Make Legit Money On Opera News Hub Creator 2020

Hey guys, am here today to inform you about what going on in this community, or let me say Country generally. You might have heard about this but do you know how to go about it. Don't let me stress you ready post, what am trying to inform you is Opera News Hub . Which am very sure that you will be interested. Even if you are not a Blogger. This article based on How to make legit money with Opera News Hub. To  make legit money with Opera News Hub is an in-depth post I will like you to read through as this will not just put some cash in your bank account only, but this will also give you the ability/power to start-up a better career/business online. As We All Know That Opera is a freeware world web browser for many software, like Microsoft Windows, Android E.t.c developed by Opera Software. Every day you see a lot of post/articles being published on Opera News. Do you know that all these posts are posted by publishers, and those publishers get paid monthly for posting on Opera

Three things to keep in mind before buying a New phone.2020

Before you buy a phone firstly browse the phone online, check the phone ROM, RAM, Battery mAh, Camera MP even front and back case of the phone. So that when you get to phone shops, you will first check all what you saw online. If different, that's means is clone phone.  Most people that buying a new phone nowadays, are buying a clone phone. Why? Because They are lack of research. Anything you want to do nowadays, it required a research. There are so many clone phones look exactly like the phone you really want to buy. But with the help of research, you will not fall in that situations. Three things to keep in mind before buying a New phone. Don’t buy phones which parts are not quite simply available in nigeria.  If you want to know real smart phone that there parts available in Nigeria, make a search on Google Avoid buying used or 2d-hand smartphones, this caution may additionally cause regret. you could additionally be unknowingly buying a stolen smartphone. But buying a br

Three Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn 2020

Good day guys, today's tutorial will base on Three Simplest Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn First.  before move on to the next Programming Languages. In This tutorial, am going to give you the reason why I said beginners should first learn three programming language I want to recommend. And lead you to best site to learn them online for free. Three Simplest Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn First HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language. CSS - Cascading Style Sheet. JavaScript.  These are the Simplest Programming language beginners should first learn before moving to next programming language. Why Recommend This three language? We recommend this programming language for beginners, because it seems that these three language are the most Simplest and useful programming language. Functions Of HTML, CSS And JavaScript HTML - Is using for create web page structure. CSS - Is using for styling web page . JavaScript - Is using for dynamic. More Examples Of HTML, CSS And

How to source any website codes