Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How To Install Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogger 2020 Research

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogger.

We all know that Yoast SEO Plugin is not for Blogspot, is for WordPress Platform Users, And other platform like WordPress.

Good news for you, with all my research and review of How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin For Blogger. you can also use Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogspot. You think how?? 100% sure. Am going to write the full tutorial on How To Install Yoast SEO Plugin On Blogger.

What you need right now is to just sit well and follow the Steps am going to write Below to Optimize Blogger blog

Yoast SEO Plugin For Blogger

Yoast SEO Plugin for blogger

Step 1: Login to Blogger Dashboard, Then Go to “Template” and Tap on “Edit HTML”

Step 2: In the text field, type “Ctrl+F” with the keyboard, Search box will appear now. But if you are using Android phone to edit the code, click the menu in right corner. And search box will top up

Step 3: Then search for “” tag with the search box.

Step 4: Now Paste the below code In front of  Tag and Save the Template.

Don’t forget to Replace any our details with your own site details.

Thats All, Now Your Blogger Blog is SEO Optimize

After Follow all this steps, am very sure that You'll see change in SEO Ranking of Your Blogger Blog by using this special Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger in the next few weeks.

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  1. Bro di you think it's only yoast plugin that is helping WordPress users

    1. Not really, but Yoast does more.

      my upcoming article will based on SEO Tips. thanks for your comment.

  2. I tried inserting the script to the template but I can't find what you asked us to search which is ""

  3. If you are unable to search the head tag, kindly download your template and edit it with any Texteditor. then upload it back. I recommend anWriter is good for existing template. hope this helpful??

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