Thursday, January 30, 2020

Wapkiz Direct Download File Code 2020

How to use direct download link on Wapkiz. This is direct download link tag %*link% remove star. Make sure you use [fm] tag. Or use this Wapkiz download page we provide.

Wapkiz Direct Download File Code

[fm]to=:to-file:,no=No file to download. . . ||

File ID:%id%
File Size:%size%
Description: %description%
Upload Time: %time_upl%

Upload By:
Proceed To Download %name% File Here...[/fm]

[fm]to=:to-file:,no=No File Here To Download . . . || <#div class="wapkiz">Name:%*name%
<#div class="downloader">File ID:%id*%<#div class="wapkiz-download-page-codes">File Size:%size*%<#div class="wapkiz">Description: %description*% <#div class="wapkiz">Upload Time: %time_upl*%

Upload By: %by*%
<#div class="wapkiz">Proceed To Download %name*% File Here...[/fm]


This work perfectly on waphosts. But sometimes on Wapkiz platform. Change my Wapkiz site details to your own site details.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


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