Tuesday, February 4, 2020

AdSense Alternative For Beginners 2020 reviews

Google Adsense Alternatives For Beginners

Hey Good Day,  today Am going to write down the Google Adsense Alternatives ads network that really pay, in this article. PopAds.net is the best alternative Google adsense am going to talk about.

You have tied of not get approval from Google Adsense right? As a beginners you need to find an alternative ads network to use, to be able to earn with your blog.

This article will teach you how you can register with them, and how you can place the ads on your blog to start advertise for them and earning.

Now it's your chance to experience an ad network that pays well for there users.This ads network is 80% of Adsense. Are you ready to Join me now and and monetize your website's traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders.

Their services are guaranteed to be fast, efficient and secure. There is no other ad network on the market that processes payment requests daily for publishers but PopAds do that trust me,

How To Register

To register your account on
Get this ready :

1.PC Or SmartPhone
2.Email Account
3.Blog Url

Am going to highlight all this three requiring in the next step, just grap this three and and hold your phone, write your email and blog url down and scroll to next steps.

Popads.net Signup

Now let move to PopAds Sign up page to create your account. Hope you are on Popads sign up page? Great Now put your user name follow by passwords and click Sign Up. Done? That's Great

Now tap on add website to add your website. to be able to use their severe with no trouble. And wait for 24hr to approve your website.  If it  more than 24hr, Then Contact Them for help, you can contact them through email or Facebook page fan.

You have get approval? Cool! Now that you have get approval let move to how to place the ads code on your blog/website easily. You know is not like Adsense that is atoplace. You have to place the ads manually

How to Setup PopAds AdsCode

login to your PopAds.net account.Then In the left part of your dashboard, tap on "My Website", if your website was approved by the administrator, you will see "Approved" Or "Rejected"

now Click on "Code Generator" (If your site is approved) under the Publisher's Panel After you clicked "Generate Code" and  log into your blog platform. In this case you used blogger.com platform. Let assume i used blogger.com

Now I go into my blogger account and click on my theme and blogger dashboard and then edit HTML, then Paste the code from PopAds Press "Ctrl+F" to find then Save your theme you are done.

Now check if the code works correctly or not. Log in your PopAds and click " Troubleshoot" Paste your site URL and click "Check" I hope there is no problem with this guide?. If you have any problem on this guide Or you have any question just post a COMMENT. !

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


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