Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How to apply for AdSense and get approval within three days

Guys don't relent . Reapply and Am very sure that you will approval. But I have something you have to follow  before you reapply. 

Is Not something much, you may have been hearing about it before. 

1. If you are copy and paste content prof, my guy you can't get Adsense approval. You know I always mention  copy and paste bloggers. 

Try to write a unique content with grammer by yourself. And avoid using copyright images. 

Yes, Copyright images. AdSense bot also detect image that you copy from others blog. Try to use yours. 

2. Legal pages. Which is About us, Contact us, Police privacy, Disclaimer and Guests post page. 

Google Adsense be like checking a content that talked about your blog, Or how easy visitor can contact you. And your blog policy. Etc. I think you get my point. 

3. Blog appearance. Google Adsense team will check your blog appearance. If your blog template  can attract visitor. Before approve they approve you. So try to get a lovely template. That well designed.

4. Unique content. Google Adsense team also check how unique your blog content is. It's is helpful or not. 

5.Free domain. Domain like. .tk, .GA,  .qg etc. Avoid using free domain because google Adsense team didn't like a  blog with free domain or sub domain. Try to get. .com or  .com.g.

6. total blog content. Yes, there is a minimum  contents they want you to have on your blog before they approve your blog.

At least you must have 20 to 25 content. That is unique.

After publish the  content reapply. Trust me you are going to get approval. 

Hope you GEt my advice right ??
Let's me know In Comment.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


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