Tuesday, February 4, 2020

how to get more likes to your Post on Facebook

Today tutorial based on how you can  get more likes to your Post on Facebook.there is a trick am using and teach people that want yo get more likes to their posts on Facebook. so I decided to share it with you guys so that you can also benefit from it

Today am going to write the full tutorial for you, just try to concentrate to this article so that you can understand all the steps and get more like to your post on Facebook.

1. Tagging Method.
2. Location method.
3. Share to public.

*By using tags method. you are going to get mor me views and like. because as long as you tag all your Facebook friends, your friends friends will see your post . and they are going to like if your post is move them.

*By Using Location method.you are going to get likes from the location you tag to your post. but make sure you use valid location. like Lagos, Kwara, Abuja or Nigeria. even any country. your post gonna reach there.

*By Using Share To public. your post gonna be on Facebook generally. as in, your post will the view by all Facebook active user. as long as you share your post to public.

This are all trick am using and am getting more likes and and comment. just try this trick and thank me later. hope this article helpful?? if yes kindly drop your comment. if you fond it difficult please drop your comment. and we will explain to you better. thanks for reading. We really wants to hear from you guys. your comment is meaningful.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


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