Sunday, February 2, 2020

How To Set up Freenom Domain Name For Blogger In 2020

How to Use free domain on blogspot.

There is a way to use .tk, .gq, .cf, .ml and co on Blogspot. You might even try to use them and get errors. It that true??

Using .tk as custom domain on blogspot has it's own methods, you can't just get the domain and park it in your Blogspot blog. Like we use to park other domain like .com and co.

Do you think of Using Freenom Domains( .tk ) as your Blogspot blog domain name for some

Adding domain name to a blog, increasing a blog rankings on google
search engines and other search engines. And make your blog easy to remember.

Example of domain name Or TO or other domain you registered. Like

How to use Freenom domain name on Blogspot

Today, am gonna write the full tutorial, on how you can
Use free domain .tk on your blogspot blogs. Hope you have know where to get free domain name for your blog?? If yes, kindly move to how to set Freenom domain for Blogspot paragraph.

Where to get 100% Free domain name

You might not know Where you can get free domain name you can use for your blog. Am going to give you two companies site that you can get the domain name for your Blogspot blog.



In this article, Am going to teach you
how you can register free domain name on

How to register free

1. Click here and check for your domain name. If available if it has been taken by someone else.

2. If the domain is available. It will added to cart . Click Checkout at the top right corner of the page.

3. In the page show up, you are required to Change the domain name Period from 3 months to 12
months. Then Tap on continue.

4. Now enter your email address to
setup your freenom account. If you have not own account before. Then,

5. Quickly go to your gmail to confirm your freenom account.

6. Congrats, you have successfully registered your own free domain name for your blog.

Now let's move to how you can set up the Free domain for your blogspot blogs.

How to set up freenom domain name for Blogspot 2020

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard then scroll down to "Setting" and click it.

2. Tap on "+Set up a third-party URL for your blog" hope you get this.

3. Type the free domain name domain you register.

4. It must show an error. Don't worry just ignore it. And open new tap.

5. Then go back to your domain cpanel on And click manage domain = manage freenom

6. Now paste this A records. IP address one by one in 3rd input box, the first box is
for name ignore it.

7. A Records Ip Address.

8. When you first type the domain on your Blogspot custom domain, you see two records? Copy it.

9. Now copy the first one "www" on the first box and select CNAME, then paste the other text in front of that www. Then do the second one like you did for "www" records.

Note:All the record must be six. Two from blogger and four from highwebs. Now click save record.

8.Now go back to and retype your domain. it
will not show errors.

10. Now that it gets saved, go back to blogger custom domain page and retype the domain again. Congrats!! You have successfully.

Note:It might take 2 -3 min to start working.

If you have any questions regarding this article or you don't get the tutorial right. Feel free to let us know through comment box. And we are going to get back to you shortly.

Sunday, February 2, 2020


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