Monday, February 3, 2020

How to Setup Whatsapp Business Apk [Business Use]

How to Setup Whatsapp Business

  whatsapp Business app is different from Ordinary whatsapp. Don't misheard me. Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business app (Wa business) are the same,but there functions are different. You can chat on both Ordinary whatsapp and Business whatsapp. Don't be confused, am going to highlight both of them for you now. And how useful Business Whatsapp is, Than Ordinary whatsapp app.

What is Whatsapp App??

 Whatsapp Is an Android Application (App), that delivery message to another person instantly through data connection.

Type of Whatsapp App.

1. Single Whatsapp App
2. Whatsapp Business App
3. GB Whatsapp

*Single Whatsapp App: This Whatsapp App is An ordinary whatsapp App, which you can only Chat, Update Status, And Download.

*GB Whatsapp App: GB Whatsapp App is stylish Whatsapp App. Which All Chatters to style there whatsapp App how they want, with Whatsapp Theme. You can search for any GB whatsapp App theme, on the right corner of the app.

* Whatsapp  BusinessApp: here is where Am going, hope you have knew what Whatsapp App is, and different between Ordinary Whatsapp App And GB Whatsapp.

Business Whatsapp App Also different. You can't style Business Whatsapp App, Wa business is for business matters.

With Whatsapp Business App, you can send, reply a message when offline. With just a simple settings.

Whatsapp Business App has three services. That will let you respond to your customers or client instantly after you received their messages.

1. Away Messages.
2. Greeting Message.
3. Quick Replies Message.

* Away Messages:

 This Away messages is an message sent to your customers when you are away. As in, when you on your data connection and you are not online. The message you set will automatically send to your customers when they massage you.

* Greeting Message:

This Greeting message, Works either you are away (Offline) or online this message will send if the person is messaging you for the first time.

* Quick Replies Message:

Quick reply is act of typing message fast and respond fast. By type slash sign ( / ). Note: you will first set it, to respond with slash sign.

Business Whatsapp App has Business profile, where you can add your details like: Business Office Address, Business Hotline, Business Websites E.t.c.

Hope you really understand what am trying to say??  And you get how to set it up with screen shot we dropped??  If no kindly drop your comment we are going to explain to you better.

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Monday, February 3, 2020


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