Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Three reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approval

Three reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approval

There are there reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approvals. And we have to talk about it so that you can know your mistakes and solutions to it 

Most of  newbies and beginners joing blogging community just because of earning. UnFortunatly they earned  nothing.

There three reasons that keeps them down. From earning from Adsense platform. And if they don't solve it, they will be in Same level in blogging  carrier.

Now what are the things, that keeps most of us not to get approval from Adsense platform.

1.Lack of research 
2.Copy content
3. Focus 

Lolz. You may be thinks that how can lack of research  Copy content and Focusing makes us not to get Adsense approval. 

Yes, these reasons below can delay your blog approval. That's what we used to ignore in blogging. 

Let me explain how these things delayed Adsense approval.

*Lack of research: Most of bloggers are not do research, am not talking about your research on how you can make money by blogging.

But. On how to write a unique content. If you make a research on how to write unique content on your particular niche. You will see that you are going to proud of yourself that I can write by myself.

That's what Google Adsense Team likes. If you write you are telling them that you capable.

*Copy  Content: like I said earlier, you have to make a research on how to write good  content. Don't do copy and paste, and expect Adsense to approve you. 

There some things we have to be think before we take an action on that particular things.

We all know that Adsense platform owned by Google, that is Why they named it Google Adsense. Now Adsense owned by google. And you go to google to search for an article just think of it. 

For example, in exam hall you asked to write a letter, and your friend wrote his/her own and you too copy it, what do you think Marker will do??  That's how Copy content be. I think you get my point.

*Focus: Your focused also there, because most of newbie focused on many things.

Some heard that if you are blogging you are going to make money from it quickly.  That is there focus.

Some will  said i blog to share what people don't know to know that is hE/her focus. It is Many. In sort, we have two people in Blogging, which there focus different. One some focus on how to get unique information for he/her aufaudie. The second one focus on how to make money on Blogging. But you have to work before earn.

But my advice is this, focus on how can your own blog be at the top. Then if successful. Request for Adsense. You are going to get approval. Trust me. 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020


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