Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Wapkiz code: best download page code for Wapkiz site

Here is an Wapkiz Awesome download page code. if you are looking for Wapkiz download Page code for your Wapkiz download site. scroll down to the Code and copy everything. Then paste it into your Wapkiz download page.

[fm]to=:to-file:,no=Ngloaded Says No File Here To
Download . . . ||

File ID:%id%
File Size:%size%
Description: %description%
Upload Time: %time_upl%

Upload By: Admin
Proceed To Download %name% File Here...[/fm]

[fm]to=:to-file:,no=No File Here To Download . . . || <#div class="wapkiz">Name:%name%
<#div class="downloader">File ID:%id%<#div class="wapkiz-download-page-codes">File Size:%size%<#div class="wapkiz">Description: %description% <#div class="wapkiz">Upload Time: %time_upl%

Upload By: Admin
<#div class="wapkiz">Proceed To Download %name% File Here...[/fm]


NOTE: Don't edit anything in this codes if you are
not wapmaster!! if you want to edit anything let us know, and we are going to help you solve the issue

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


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