Wapkiz registration form page code 2020

Today, we are going to deal with wapkiz registration page code. Do you have Wapkiz forum site and looking for Best wapkiz registration page code ?? no more stress move down and copy well design wapkiz registration page code.

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Wapkiz registration page
User Name:
Re Password

Keep sign in


Forget Password?

Not Have an account Yet! Register Here) To access your Wapkings Forum profile


How to set Wapkiz registration form page code

this code is not wapkiz html code that you can paste to any where on your Wapkiz forum site, there is a partial page that Wapkiz build for Wapkiz registration page and Wapkiz login page.

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So login to your Wapkiz site and click panel = Login/register. than paste the the Wapkiz registration form code I give you that's all


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