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   Please be informed that another verification method may come up soon. Bvn may not be required due to afraid of scam by many members not knowing that Inksnation is registered with CAC as legit. On December 14 to December 20, 2020, Inksnation market will hold in all 36 states includes federal capital Territory( FCT ) On March 12, 2021, we will start by sending our spendable balance to our bank account. If you are on Bronze you will send your 12k pinkoin to your bank account, and if you are on a silver, you will send your 18k pinkoin to your bank account. A portal will be opened in our Inksnation account where we can put our bank account details to request for withdrawal. On March 12, 2021, merchants will also start full work or operate so that we can start using our DRCB balance to buy goods and services such as buying or purchasing, foodstuffs, cars or vehicles, TV, rent house, buy houses, buy land, pay school fees, pay the electricity bill, and so more. Inksnation is working hard to