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AdSense Alternative For Beginners 2020 reviews

Google Adsense Alternatives For Beginners Hey Good Day,  today Am going to write down the Google Adsense Alternatives ads network that really pay, in this article.  is the best alternative Google adsense am going to talk about. You have tied of not get approval from Google Adsense right? As a beginners you need to find an alternative ads network to use, to be able to earn with your blog. This article will teach you how you can register with them, and how you can place the ads on your blog to start advertise for them and earning. Now it's your chance to experience an ad network that pays well for there users.This  ads network  is 80% of Adsense. Are you ready to Join me now and and monetize your website's traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders. Their services are guaranteed to be fast, efficient and secure. There is no other ad network on the market that processes payment requests daily for publishers but PopAds do that trust me, How To Register To r

Three reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approval

Three reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approval There are there reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approvals. And we have to talk about it so that you can know your mistakes and solutions to it  Most of  newbies and beginners joing blogging community just because of earning. UnFortunatly they earned  nothing. There three reasons that keeps them down. From earning from Adsense platform. And if they don't solve it, they will be in Same level in blogging  carrier. Now what are the things, that keeps most of us not to get approval from Adsense platform. 1.Lack of research  2.Copy content 3. Focus  Lolz. You may be thinks that how can lack of research  Copy content and Focusing makes us not to get Adsense approval.  Yes, these reasons below can delay your blog approval. That's what we used to ignore in blogging.  Let me explain how these things delayed Adsense approval. *Lack of research: Most of bloggers are not do research, am not talking about your research on how you

How to apply for AdSense and get approval within three days

Guys don't relent . Reapply and Am very sure that you will approval. But I have something you have to follow  before you reapply.  Is Not something much, you may have been hearing about it before.  1. If you are copy and paste content prof, my guy you can't get Adsense approval. You know I always mention  copy and paste bloggers.  I talked about it in  Three reasons why Newbies are Not get Adsense approval Try to write a unique content with grammer by yourself. And avoid using copyright images.  Yes, Copyright images. AdSense bot also detect image that you copy from others blog. Try to use yours.  2. Legal pages. Which is About us, Contact us, Police privacy, Disclaimer and Guests post page.  Google Adsense be like checking a content that talked about your blog, Or how easy visitor can contact you. And your blog policy. Etc. I think you get my point.  3. Blog appearance. Google Adsense team will check your blog appearance. If your blog template  can attract visitor. Before appr