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Why beginners should start from blogspot 2020

Why I said  beginners should start from blogspot Why I said  beginners should start from blogspot Good day Bloggers, how is blogging today. I posted some status on facebook weeks ago about  beginners. That they should start  blogging from blogspot. But some understand. But most of beginner ignored.  And I have a reasons why I said beginners should start from blogspot.  First blogspot has free services while others don't have. If you  created a site from blogspot, you don't  need anything else.  Just start  blogging and making money. You don't need hosting. Just buy domain name and enjoy your  blogging.  There are something you don't understand about blogspot.  Blogspot is one of the earliest blog builder in the world. That let you share your knowledge About what you know and make money from it, and it can let you quickly create new posts, and much more. Blogspot help beginner much more. Blogspot own by google and your post will automatically index on google search engin

Back up and upload blogspot template tutorial 2020

How to back up and upload  blogspot template.  Hey beginners, do you find it difficult to back up or upload new template to your blogspot blogs??  No more stress,  let me teach you an easy way to upload and back up theme on blogspot.  First  login to your  blogspot account. Which means you are going to login your gmail account.  And make sure you logging your gmail account on google chrome.  Blogspot own by google and they don't support some browser. Like Opera mini.  Now select the blog you want to work on. Hope you get what I mean??  That's good.  Look down you will see  theme, tap on it to direct to theme page.  Then look at the left hand corner you will see Backup/Restore. The uploader button and download  button.If you want to upload new template to your blog, click Upload. And if you want to Back up click Download theme.  Thanks for patronaze our blog. We promise to satisfy your needs about blogging career.      Hope you find it easily??  By following this article to uplo