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How to Link Opay Account to Opera News Hub Account.

Linking your Opay Account on Opera News Hub Creator Account After you successful signing up on the Opera News Hub . To get paid for all click of the articles you have created, is the most important steps while sign up. Also Read: How To Make Legit Money On Opera News Hub Creator 2020 Am going to teach you how to link your Opay account to the Opera News hub. It's very simple and stressless, You just nee to follow four steps in this article. So check them out below. How to Link Opay Account to Opera News hub 1. Login into your Opera new hub creator account , Using your Facebook personal account. 2. Now click on the account menu, the platform has three items on the sidebar which is Create, Content Library, Account. Just Scroll down to the last item you see, which is Account , then click on it. 3. Now Scroll down on the page and click on Opay Account ,in the next page you'd see Basic information . Also Read: The Secret to Succeed with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator Platform. Y