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How to use QuickEdit App. [Beginners Guide]

How to use QuickEdit App. [Beginners Guide] How to use QuickEdit App. [Beginners Guide] It seen that you are programmer. Or Web designer, Web developer. How do you code with your andriod phone fast??  How easy you find your coding career with Android phone.  If you are programmer you need to have this app. QuickEdit android app.  Am going to talk about this app shortly, to know that is what you need. No matter what.  QuickEdit App is an text editor that has fasting process. It is  stable and full featured notepad  and coding Editor App that can work on all android phones and tablets. QuickEdit text editor App can be use any time you wish and it can save your coding automatically if your phone shutdown.  HOW TO USE QUICKEDIT APP HOW TO USE QUICKEDIT APP First download quickedit app on this site listed below. You can as well download it On Google Playstore After download successful,  open the app, start coding Once you have you have finished your  co

Three Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn 2020

Good day guys, today's tutorial will base on Three Simplest Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn First.  before move on to the next Programming Languages. In This tutorial, am going to give you the reason why I said beginners should first learn three programming language I want to recommend. And lead you to best site to learn them online for free. Three Simplest Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn First HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language. CSS - Cascading Style Sheet. JavaScript.  These are the Simplest Programming language beginners should first learn before moving to next programming language. Why Recommend This three language? We recommend this programming language for beginners, because it seems that these three language are the most Simplest and useful programming language. Functions Of HTML, CSS And JavaScript HTML - Is using for create web page structure. CSS - Is using for styling web page . JavaScript - Is using for dynamic. More Examples Of HTML, CSS And

How to become front-end web developers ( Markup Languages )

How to become front-end web developers ( Markup Languages ) Front-end web developers are dealing with Markup Languages. Like Html, Css. Javascript and Bootsrap languages only. * Front-end web development is an act of  converting data to a layout, (Graphic), by using those languages I listed. Html, Css, Javascript and Bootsrap language. In other to let Users Interact with that data. And each language has their functions. Am going to explain their functions for you before I moved to how to learn them. And which One to learn first. * Html: html stand for - Hyper Text Markup Language, An html has something called "Element", Html element is a different components of  html documents. When we say Hyper Text Markup language (HTML) document, html documents is a presentation by web browsers. Type <b>Hello world </b> on texteditor. You will see how browsers will present it out. Html used to create a single web page. * CSS language: CSS is a short of  Cascading Style Sheets,