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Three ways to manage Android phone battery

Three ways to manage Android phone battery  Good day dear android users. You may have been complaining how your smart phone (andriod phone ) used to take much battery. And you find No options to out of this issues.  Today am going to share you three ways to manage your battery in this article. You have to know exactly things that making your android phone low fast.  The Questions Is this  Why do most android phone battery used to low fast?? There are some things that taking to much %. Let me write down some. Running app Unused app Phone brighter These are things that running on your phone, that makes your phone battery work hard. There are three things that you need to do, to avoid  the running apps  Of these things. 1. How To stop all running app on your phone. Now go to Settings >> Application >>  Now tap on the app click stop.  Then off your phone screen and on it  back. And see how your phone will stay strong.  2.How to adjust android phone bright.To this we all know th

Three things to keep in mind before buying a New phone.2020

Before you buy a phone firstly browse the phone online, check the phone ROM, RAM, Battery mAh, Camera MP even front and back case of the phone. So that when you get to phone shops, you will first check all what you saw online. If different, that's means is clone phone.  Most people that buying a new phone nowadays, are buying a clone phone. Why? Because They are lack of research. Anything you want to do nowadays, it required a research. There are so many clone phones look exactly like the phone you really want to buy. But with the help of research, you will not fall in that situations. Three things to keep in mind before buying a New phone. Don’t buy phones which parts are not quite simply available in nigeria.  If you want to know real smart phone that there parts available in Nigeria, make a search on Google Avoid buying used or 2d-hand smartphones, this caution may additionally cause regret. you could additionally be unknowingly buying a stolen smartphone. But buying a br

4 things to check before buying new Android phone to identify copy phone 2020

4 things to check before buying new Android phone to identify copy phone There are 4 things to check before buying new Android phone. am going to list them and why  you should check them before you boy the phone. Today's tutorial will based on GSM (Global System Mobile), I labeled this tutorial as "Tech" which illustrate Phone tech (GSM). in this tutoring, am going to highlight four things for you on android device. which is very important to check before. buy it. to avoid buying clone phone(Copy phone).  Firstly, my name is ENG Ibraheem Maya damilare from Ilorin kwara state Nigeria. I notice that mist people buy clone phone. because they don't really know the different between original phone and clone phone. then when it cone to the time to repair the phone, they will now tell them that there phone is clone not original. Am going to teach you how you can identify android device clone in this tutorial. so that you can fall in the trap again. now take a sit and set for

10 Tricks To Increase Android phone Battery Life.

10 Tricks To Increase Android phone Battery Life.  Nowadays, most of peoples are using Smartphone ( Android phone ). Because Android phones have user friendly features.  That's why  people like using them. But the problem of all Android phones is that you can not keep their battery long lifetime due to their features that wasting batteries. So today am going to teach you how to make your Android phone battery long in This tutorial.  With this tricks you are going to enjoy your Android phone battery for long time. What I will like you to do for me now, is to consentrate with this article steps.  1. Turn your Android phone off.  2. Turn off your phone vibrate.  3. Decrease your phone screen brightness.  4. Disable live Wallpapers.  5. Turn off Bluetooth or wifi. 6. Clear unwanted app.  7. Make charging. Of your phone before it die.  8. Limit screen timeout.  9. Turn your phone flashlight off.  10. Make a use of hands free. Hope you all see the 10 things that I said it can Increase An

How to move phonebook contact from Nokia phone to Android phone. 2020

How to move phonebook contact from Nokia phone to Android phone.    God day dear Nokia users. Have you got an Android phone and you find it hard to move all your phonebook numbers to your new smart phone. Am going to teach you how you can do it easilly.  Making a move from Nokia phone to Android phone, Is a great opportunity. You can do so many things with an Android phones than Nokia. Am making moves of your contacts and other information is very important. Fortunately, you can move all of your information stored on your Nokia phone to your new android phone. My follow these steps below. 1. By using Rainbow Contacts Apk on your Android phone. Download this app and install it on your Android phone. You can get the Apk on Google play store or search on google search engine.  2. Now turn on your Nokia phone Bluetooth. Also turn android phone Bluetooth too.  3. Open the App you just installed ( Rainbow Contacts Apk ), and select "Easy Fetch Contact" instantly the App will search