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Working Wapkiz Smile Codes For wapkiz site

hey good day guys. how are you doing to day? Today am going to drop Working Wapkiz Smile Codes Fir wapkiz site. which may allow your users to react there feelings. like love, smile,sad and angry e.t.c. Now login your wapkiz site where you want to add the react and follow this tutorial. Name a page "react" and paste place the this link on post view <a href="/sites react.html">REACT</a> Now go to the page you just created that you named "react" open html/tag code and paste this code. <style>.sa {border-bottom:1px solid #dbeadc;padding:2px;color:blue;background:#fff;}</style> [blogcmt_form]to=:to-blog:,ud=site-post.html?to-blog=:to-blog:,no=Error occur||%notify%<br/><input type="radio" name="blogcmt_text" value="[icon][/icon]"/> <img src="" width="10%"/> Haha <div class=&

Wapkiz code: how to create social media like Facebook On Wapkiz 2020

Wapkiz code: how to create social site like Facebook. am going to write full tutoring about how you can create social media like Facebook on wapkiz platform. We all know that wapkiz allow all user to wrote there web script and host free. you can also have your own Social media site by join was wapkiz platform. and copy all the wapkiz codes am going to drop for you in this tutorial. Today you are going to create your own social media site on with the help of this tutor. Note: Your social media site name most be start with F to easily create it successful. like fanbook, firstbook, funbook e.t.c. Now let move forward to the business. just make sure are following me smoothly. so that you can understand this tutorial well. without mistake. firstly Type on your browser to get started. And create your wapkiz profile. Tips: Use Your social media site Name as your Wapkiz username and type strong password. Now click on "Panel" >> CSS Theme >> Full

Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes For Wapkiz Forum Site

Good day guys. How are you doing today? Great! Are you one of Wapkiz Users that running Forum site on platform?? Also Read:  Advanve Wapkiz Uploader codes Good here is Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes. The Wapkiz Shoutbox codes That am going to Shere with you, Is the same with Kizhelp and WapKings Forum. And it worked well. So follow all the steps and going to write down to make the codes work well. 1. Login to your Wapkiz Account and Select the site you wanted to use the Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes. Also Read:  Wapkiz Code: Well Design Footer Code 2. Select "Page" at the drop down menu at top of your Wapkiz site. And type "Shout" 3. Now look the page you just created on pagelist, And open it. Now click "Html/tag code" and paste this code. [blog_form]bid=shout,ud=site-0.html||%notify% Title:<br/>%title%<br/>Text:<br/>%text%<br/>%submit%[/blog_form]  Hope it done?? Good! 4. Now leave the page and go back to home page or header page -1 and